December 10, 2018

Yesterday we lounged around Shar’s mom’s house for awhile before getting out the door at 4:00. We stopped into the Grotto to get a peak at the Christmas lights without paying the $5 a head to slosh through the rain and the cold wind.


All 5 of us piled back into Tim’s Jeep to check out Urban Fondue. Not a place setup for vegetarians and sharing, so I was sort of disappointed, but I got something I could eat, ate some cheese, bread, and a beat salad, and a little bit of dessert.

The night was going well, but the girls and their mom got into a bit of an argument at the end, so things got tense there for a minute. Shar’s sister is in town form San Diego so I don’t think it was her idea of a good use of her time.

They dropped me off at the train at Goode Hollow so I could high-tail it home. They argued more on their way back to the in laws’ house, but I guess they all smoothed it over today. Something about past relationships, too much drink in the system, etc. Something something about our baby-to-be. I don’t really care, just glad it’s all back to normal.

So I had the house to myself and honestly I fell asleep really early (for me, that’s 10:00). I slept on my back wrong at the in laws’ and I needed to just not think about the pain and not move.

Went to the gym today on lunch. Didn’t eat much, so I swung by a Lebanese place at the Orenco stop on the way home. First time there. Not too bad. Saved enough of my falafel wrap for lunch tomorrow.

On my way back to the train, I saw that a new brewery is opening up called Manama Brewing Co. I guess they’re out of Corvallis, and I’m super excited that they’ll be there even though I know nothing about them.


We don’t have anything of the sort within easy reach of the house, at least not by transit, so this is much needed. Three stops away! Let’s hope it’s good, and that they do growler fills!

Shar’s back tonight, and I’ll have to help her unload all the stuff from the baby shower. We’ll have to organize it some other night because my back is still not tip-top.