December 20, 2018

This morning on the train we had to get off at Quatama Station because there was some sort of accident at Orenco. As we all shuffled out of the train and onto shuttles, I was annoyed. I’ve been riding the train for a few months now and I was going to be late for work again because of it.

As we departed by bus, I fired up Twitter for the scoop. It turns out that a train hit a pedestrian and they were avoiding Quatama while police investigated the incident.

Someone lost their life too soon today. And their loved ones are grieving the loss with some immense amount of pain that lacks any meaning. And somewhere a train operator killed someone and is likely dealing with their own pain and grief.

So even though I was 45 minutes late for work, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s not worth it to hold a negative thought. Hug your loved ones and live your life with happiness in your heart.

In some positive news, my mom finished her last round of chemo today after starting a few months ago after her double mastectomy. I know it’s been scary for her, and I’m glad she’ll be on the mend now. It was scary for us all, and we’re all thankful for her catching it early and for the good prognosis.