December 3, 2018

I spent the weekend doing nothing an onlooker would find spectacular, but it was altogether exactly what I needed. It seems like the go-go-go sometimes needs a break, and that’s what we did. At least in the sense that we weren’t off to somewhere or something for a change.

I cleaned out my closet. Yep, dug down to the bottom of things. All of the stuff that doesn’t make me feel great to wear, or my belly has outgrown them. Lots of 34 size pants. A few medium shirts. We filled up a donation basket and brought it to the second hand store. It feels good to have some space cleared away, and hopefully someone else can find them useful.

We thought about getting a Christmas tree this year - a large one, but decided against the expense - we’ll look for sales after the holiday. This year we’ll use the little 3-footer Shar got from the dollar store a few years back. One of my favorite and least favorite things about Shar is how notoriously cheap she is. She may reform me yet.

We took some holiday photos with the dog. I immediately thought about those DINKs who take photos with their dog. Yeah, I guess we are those people. But so the fuck what. We love our dog. Here it is:


Last night we relaxed on the couch and watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians. Shar wasn’t very excited about it because she’s not into RomComs, but she actually ended up liking it more than I did.

I was telling her last night how nice it has been settling into our life together. I couldn’t have been more grateful sitting there sinking into the couch with both of my girls at my sides.