December 8, 2018


Really nice turnout today for the PNW baby shower. Can’t believe the outpouring of generosity from Shar’s friends and family. We will definitely be off to a good start when baby arrives in terms of necessities and comfort items between the gifts received here and in Michigan.

It was only my second baby shower, and I debated whether or not I should attend, but I’m happy I did. There was even one other guy there (thanks, James!).

There were 4 pregnant ladies, too. Out of control!


I made some Indian food - a veggie korma that took a bit more prep than I thought it would, but it turned out well and people liked it a lot from what I heard.

Shar’s cousin Alyssa made us a cake. The women painted onesies, which was cool (especially Daddy’s Favorite Little Pint).


After opening presents (and a few beers), I needed a nap. I stole away to the bedroom for a snooze. I needed it.

We ended the night around the fireplace with a movie. Tim got home from a golf trip down in Coos Bay and brought a pizza while we chilled out. All in all, a great day.