Geez, a year goes by quickly. I started this blog out of an excitement for living more intentionally, and as a result of living more intentionally, this blog fell to the wayside. I started a new job that I love, got married, went on a honeymoon, became a vegetarian (7 months!), quit using nicotine altogether (almost 2 years cigarette-free, 3 months vape-free!), and now my wife is 22 weeks pregnant with our first child. Whew.

And yet life has not been all sunshine and butterflies. My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She’s about to start chemotherapy this week. It’s been difficult emotionally thinking about my mom as anything other than super human, but also just being far away and not able to be there for her in the ways I think I should has been difficult for me. My middle brother is also going through a divorce and navigating what that looks like with a 12-year-old daughter.

About a month ago, I deleted my social media accounts that I thought were mostly just a waste of my time. I’d succumbed to participating in meaningless online political debates and probably lost some friends as a result. I also periodically fell for the trap of comparing my life to other people’s highlight reels. So I thought it was the healthy thing to do.

So I think, instead of trying to maintain this space as some sort of self-help style blog for others, I intend to refocus my energies on shorter thoughts that are more self-centered and focused on my own journey and growth as a human. Anyone who wants to peek in or pull up a seat, by all means