self care


Baby still isn’t here. Just got back from a check-up and some grocery shopping. Shar’s about to partake in some reality TV, so I’m contemplating other things.

Yesterday was a really good day. We started out with breakfast from Black Bear Diner. Much better than driving into Portland, waiting forever for a seat, having so-so food, and then paying out the ass.

Shar surprised me by taking me for my first ever full-service pedicure. It was…incredible. Of course I didn’t get any color done, but they pull out all the stops. Massage chair, foot soak, foot scrub, foot and leg massage, hot wax, toe nail clean up. I’ve never experienced anything like it and I just might have to do it a couple times a year for relaxation.


We rented a movie (Venom) and then went out to Breakside Brewing in Northeast for our friend Laura’s 30th birthday. Back home and in bed by 9:30.

Today’s MLK day, so us government workers get the day off and Shar just happened to have the day off as well. I took the day to give the office a thorough cleaning. The office is also my music room and also our spare room now that the spare room has become the nursery. Things are tight in here already, but I rearranged my guitar pedal board last week and all the cut up velcro and patch cables really put things in rough shape. Much better now. Still have to get these cords in order, however.


I squeezed in an hour or so of playing this afternoon as I got lucky and had the sun coming in the front window. I soaked it up.

All in all, a real nice self-care weekend and much needed at that.


Japanese Breakfast - Till Death